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Ever heard of Halley's Comet? Hailey’s Comet visits Earth every 75 years, and is he only short-period comet that is clearly visible to the naked eye. This means that it’s possible to see Halley’s Comet twice in your lifetime. So yes, some chances can come twice in a lifetime whereas others come just once.
This month, Typemock is celebrating 5 Years of Easy Unit Testing, and this is your chance to make a deal of a life time!
As a Typemock customer, you have an incredible opportunity. You can double the number of developer licenses you have in your company today, and get a 50% discount off the whole lot! Just ask your own developers and they’ll tell you – Typemock is definitely worth it! This is the one purchase you don’t want to put off. Next month you can be sure that all your teams are working with the best professional tools, and are delivering high quality code.


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