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  • Free Webinar: Be a Legacy Code Unit Test Ninja
  • Latest Release: Typemock Isolator 6.0.6
  • LIDNUG: Developing Testable Web Parts for SharePoint
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Free Webinar:
Be a Legacy Code Unit Test Ninja
When? Tuesday, Nov. 23, 2010, from 3-4 PM IST
How to Join? click here
Who should attend? Any .net developer who's ever come
across untestable legacy code
What will be covered? Roy Osherove, Typemock's CTO, will walk you through writing unit tests for one of the most untestable code bases he could find in the .net open source world - BlogEngine.NET.

A successful blogging engine, BlogEngine.NET lacks some unit tests, and together with Roy, you'll dive deep into effective techniques to add tests to such code, assuming you cannot change it. code, assuming you cannot change it. 

Learn how to use Typemock Isolator to:
 Fake non public static methods  Select the level at which to fake something
 Fake singletons  And much more...

Don't miss it. Two Isolator licenses will be given free to two random
participants... it's going to be wild! 

Typemock Isolator 6.0.6 released

The latest Isolator is out! This version is a maintenance release which includes support for Visual Studio 2010 profilers, as well as numerous bug fixes...some of which reported by you on our forums and support email. Here are the highlights:
Added support for Visual Studio 2010 IntelliTrace and Test Impact Analysis profilers
   To enable IntelliTrace and TIA support, you need to link Isolator with "Visual
  Studio 2010 Profilers"
, using the Configuration dialog.
Isolator for SharePoint can now fake types from Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles.dll
Added support for faking inside of DoInstead() except for dynamic return value
Fixed a bug with mscorlib when recorded in Natural Mocks
Fixed message in "not enabled" exception which told users to go to Tools menu instead of Typemock menu
Fixed a bug with indexer returning of mscrolib class that caused a crash
Fixed a bug with unexpected call to an event adder during recording
Fixed multiple quick start help menu items
Fixed crash with using DateTime.Now in .NET 4
LIDNUG: Developing Testable Web Parts for SharePoint by Richard Fennell
When? Wednesday, December 01, 2010 from 8-9:30 AM (PT)

How? The link to the event registration is: http:/

What will be covered? The development of components for use in SharePoint is a complex process, and often seems to fly in the face of what is considered good development practice in a Test Driven Development world. Richard Fennell will show how using some good design practices and tools such as Typemock Isolator, you can develop testable components for SharePoint (2007 & 2010); often without even having to have SharePoint on your development PC.

Who? Richard Fennell is the Engineering Director of the Black Marble Ltd a Microsoft Gold Partner based in the North of England. Black Marble specializes in BizTalk & SharePoint based business automation.
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