Newsletter, October 2010

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Don't Miss Easy Unit Testing
in C++ Webinar!
We recently launched Isolator++ which brings easy unit testing to the C++ community. We've already featured and continue to publish a series of "how-to's" on our blog.
If you'd like to start out on the right track, we invite you to a webinar with unit testing guru and Typemock's CTO Roy osherove, on Thursday October 21st, 3pm CET (GMT+2).
You don't want to miss this. In case you need another incentive:
All attendees will receive a free Isolator++ license!
Coming Up This Month: Isolator v6.0.5
You've been debugging for the last hour. You've cornered the bug and you're at a 
breakpoint inside the function where it happens. But you don't want to spend another hour of debugging to make sure you solved it. If you could just create an isolated unit test to do so... Typemock Isolator v6.0.5 contains a new technology-preview. Just right-click on the breakpoint and automatically create code that reproduces the state in an isolated manner. Add the assert statement and you're done.

Now you have a unit test that reproduces the bug, is ready for debugging, and even better, helps make sure the bug won't happen again.
Unit Testing News

This month we recommend two series of TDD webcasts that help you learn test driven development 

James Shore has a free training series of webcasts (each 15-20 minutes long) called"Let's play TDD" on his blog. James goes through the development of an application using test-first method. We recommend this series for beginners and experienced developers alike.
We also recommend unit testing master Kent Beck's four-part screencast on TDD (commercially available). Kent shows his approach to TDD from the first test to code cleanup. This is a great opportunity to learn from one of unit testing's great visionaries.
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