Typemock Isolator 7.1.6 is live

Typemock Isolator 7.1.6 is live

Typemock Isolator 7.1.6 includes the following new features:

  • SmartRunner shows live results during the run
  • Linking with JetBrains dotCover on Visual-Studio 2012
  • Added X509Certificate support (mscorlib type)

This version also contains the following fixes:

  • Test assemblies with [Isolated] in assembly level don’t cause TeamCity to crash
  • Improved SmartRunner performance and stability
  • SmartRunner can now run tests on Windows Server 2003
  • Isolate.FakeDependencies work on types that have multiple occurrences of primitives, structs and strings in their constructor

Upgrade to the latest version here. Get a free evaluation of Isolator here.

If you hold a valid Typemock Isolator license, to upgrade to the latest version, go to the Downloads page, and, under Isolator Client, click Download Now.