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We need to maintain legacy applications that were not built to facilitate unit testing. Without Typemock we would be completely unable to effectively test these applications. Typemock boosts productivity because you do not have to explicitly code from the ground up with testing in mind, which can be difficult to handle. Typemock has been able to cover up the coupling and dependency sins that we all have leaked into our applications from time to time.  
Edmund D. Gorski, President, CodePoets, Inc.
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Episode 4 - Animals That Talk Back

This week we have no Roy. But we do have a helper – Dror Helper!

We’re discussing the Pex project, including Moles. We talk about code coverage as a metric (and the cost of losing a developer) from Dave Laribee. A bit about performance testing, and talking to rubber animals (specifically ducks) and DRY vs readability from Mark Needham.

We also talk about Getting Started with TDD in the Google Testing Block. micromanagement in agile and a bit about Resharper early access program.

As always, leave us love letters on the doorstep. Along with some food.



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