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"Your product is the bomb. I can’t think of anything you could do to make my life easier, either. Thanks!"  
Jack Q W Cantwell, Chief Feature Architect, Avanade Hybrid Cloud
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Isolator for SharePoint makes unit testing SharePoint applications easy

Looking for a low-cost solution for SharePoint testing? 

Typemock Isolator for SharePoint makes it easy to test your webparts or any other SharePoint components (including support for SharePoint 2010). Isolator for SharePoint's low cost means you can start testing your SharePoint applications now, and when you're ready, you can upgrade to the full Isolator.

Microsoft's Patterns and Practices Guidance for SharePoint suggests Isolator as the only way to test SharePoint applications. And with such a low price, you can't afford not to test.

Other Typemock Isolator Features:

Easy to learn
Fully documented, discoverable API and intelligent test completion. clear error messages with guidance.


Minimal Maintainance
Change-resistant tests by intelligent engine that disregards all unrelated interactions, making tests maintainable and readable.


Become super productive
Author tests quickly with intelligent test code completion. Isolate the entire SharePoint object model with Recursive Fakes.


Great support
Lively forums, dedicated support staff, great documentation.

Learn about SharePoint unit testing |  Learn how to unit test other technologies 

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