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We need to maintain legacy applications that were not built to facilitate unit testing. Without Typemock we would be completely unable to effectively test these applications. Typemock boosts productivity because you do not have to explicitly code from the ground up with testing in mind, which can be difficult to handle. Typemock has been able to cover up the coupling and dependency sins that we all have leaked into our applications from time to time.  
Edmund D. Gorski, President, CodePoets, Inc.
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Typemock at the SharePoint conference 2009


SharePoint conference 2009

Hope you are all enjoyed your stay at the SharePoint conference 2009!


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What is Isolator for SharePoint?

Typemock Isolator makes unit testing easy by isolating any .NET dependencies. Isolator for SharePoint is a dedicated Isolator version that makes it easy for SharePoint developers everywhere to write unit tests for their applications.

As the only way to unit test your application properly (short of setting up an actual SharePoint server), and recommended by Microsoft’s very own Patterns & Practices team, Isolator for SharePoint is just one of those tools you simply must have!


Getting started is simple!

  1. Download and install the latest version
  2. Get familiar with Isolator basics
  3. See the SharePoint introduction video webinar
  4. Learn more about unit testing SharePoint with Typemock

If you have any questions, we’re right here to help!

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