Season’s Greetings and Best-of Posts from December

Dear Readers,

The Typemock team would like to wish you happy holidays and a wonderful year. May the new year be filled with lots of great moments, awesome code and successful unit tests.
While tuning into the new year, we have compiled a list for you with the most read pieces on our blog and hope you enjoy it!

Your Typemock Team

Reflections of a Coder – Interview with Uncle Bob

We launched a new interview series where we catch up with developers from the DevOps, Agile and Unit Testing world.
In the first interview with Robert C. Martin better known as Uncle Bob, we learn what languages he likes (and hates) and what all devs should know when starting out.


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Convincing Management of the Value of Unit Testing

You want to unit test, but it’s not easy to convince the people around you. Here’s a guide to helping management understand the value of unit testing and other arguments to convince Skeptics.

Legacy Code: What It Is and 5 Tips for Handling It 

There are a lot of definitions for legacy code, but they mainly add up to fear of touching a codebase and enhance expectations of being disappointed, and disgusted.

Learn how not to judge the author of the legacy code and conquer that fear of touching and be productive and become a good code-boyscout.


Typemock Comic: Developer Hell 2.0

We are back with our comic series. Maybe you remember Mel? He is the only remaining survivor, everyone else got fired from the company. Inefficiency has it’s price, so let’s find out if more heads will roll.

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