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Saluting This Week’s Most Popular Posts

If you missed out on all the action in real-time, here’s our summary of everything that was web-hot this week, and resonated with our Twitter and Facebook followers. 

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“Instead of Five Easy Ways to Make Your Code Amazing in 21 Days, I’m going to tell it like it is. Welcome to How to become a good programmer in six Really Hard steps” 

The professional “don’t let your customers discover embarrassing bugs” and the productive/lazy “no need to debug the same code twice” are just 2 of them. Read the full list here

Wanna guess what’s on THAT list? Meetings and “Reply All” emails top the list of well-known productivity killers. See full list here

Very interesting POV on the difference between the two. We can only say “wow”. Go read!

Pretty accurate sign that your baby will grow up to be a programmer, or that one of is parents is one. 

  • Our Twitter followers also loved this tweet the most. 


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Have a great weekend! 

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