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"Typemock Isolator enables us to modify our legacy applications without changing the source code."
Christian Mérat, .NET Architect & Developer, GSoft Group
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5 Reasons to Choose Typemock

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It makes unit testing easy to do

Unit testing does not have to be hard, not when you're using the proper tools. Isolator.NET guides you with intelligent code completion to write better tests quickly. It's fully documented, has discoverable APIs developers pick up immediately and clear error messages - everything the developer needs to start unit testing now.

Get your company unit testing

If it wasn't hard enough to start unit testing for a single developer, getting the entire organization geared towards writing unit tests may seem like a daunting task. Typemock gives you the tools you need, such as Teammate and Test Lint to help the organization get started. Teammate shows you where your developers are, and Test Lint makes your tests clear, readable and concise. With the Typemock tool set, your transition will be successful.


Our customers' success stories

Our customers measure their success and ROI. Case studies have shown that with Typemock tools, unit testing succeeds, and you can actually put a number on how much it saves an organization.

No boundaries

Typemock Isolator.NET helps you test the code the way it is written. Whether its code you can't change, legacy code you don't dare to touch, or new code you're writing, Isolator helps you test it. Design the code as it should be, and then test it. Creativity should not be traded for testability.

Get the best support from the experts

Every tool needs to be backed up by an excellent support team. Typemock experts not only do that - they can help you with their knowledge on how to write better tests, improve the usage of the tools and make the most of them. Get quick answers, continue to test and improve.

Join an ever growing community

Become part of the ever-growing community of professional developers that implement unit testing successfully. Get the advice you need, learn from other people's experience and contribute your own successes.

The Goal

How Isolator helps you meet that goal

Better quality products

Isolator is the easiest tool for unit testing. Great tools get results done, and Isolator is suited for flushing the bugs out.

Better productivity

With Isolator's intelligent completion, you'll spend less time writing tests, and more time on features.

Easy implementation

Isolator lowers the barrier of entrance to unit testing, helping whole teams succeed.

Competitive advantage

Unit testing lowers development costs and reduces time to market. Isolator is the easiest tool for implementing unit testing.