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Real Life Unit Testing: How to Test Dependencies & Legacy Code

By Gil Zilberfeld, Product Manager, Typemock, November 27, 2012 at 10:00 AM Eastern US, 15:00 United Kingdom

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Compiling VIM

You may have already started unit testing or at least understand the basics. But there’s one large obstacle that stands in your way: dependencies. Most code was not written to be easy to test. How can you test dependencies and other tangled code?

How do you get out of the death spiral of testing?

Join this webinar and learn:
• The problems with legacy code
• How isolation helps
• Hand rolled mocks
• Mocking frameworks
• Writing effective unit tests

This is a hardcore session, where we take an open source application and add tests to it. In the process, we’ll refactor the code, discuss readability, and where to even begin.



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