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Jack Q W Cantwell, Chief Feature Architect, Avanade Hybrid Cloud
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Typemock Is Celebrating 2010 And Wants Everyone To Join In And Benefit. 

Typemock is celebrating 2010 this month and we have some amazing offers for our users.

We have 2 sweet deals for you; you can choose one, the other or both of them. See below for more details.

Get a private unit testing training session for your development team

We’ve started a new and amazing unit testing training session, and as part of this month celebration we are offering it at a special introduction price!!!

We know that it can be challenging to implement unit testing within your team, that’s why we built this special training session that will help you and your team to get started and do unit testing easily and effectively.

What will you receive in this training session?

In this private training session provided especially for your team, we take a look at common scenarios in the unit testing world, that most users come across in their first attempts, and demonstrate how we write tests to make sure that the code you write performs as it’s supposed to. We will also work through a few simple real-life scenarios, showing how to build unit tests and build a strong base, which developers can use to build on and continue to improve their unit testing skills.
The developers who will attend this training session will have understanding of basic unit testing concepts, of mocks, stubs and fakes and of course will have a working knowledge of Typemock Isolator.

Please click the link to learn more about the unit testing training session , or simply contact us.

6 months free maintenance for each new license of Typemock Isolator

Typemock Isolator delivers the benefits of quick and easy unit testing, making sure you get quality code, with the minimum amount of debugging, and maximizing your efficiency.

Ok Ok I know the benefits of Typemock Isolator, how do I get the maintenance?

For a limited time only, for each new license purchase you’ll be getting free maintenance for 6 months along with all the benefits of Typemock Isolator, such as the latest feature Intellitest. To get this benefit simply go to our Buy page and purchase an Isolator license, we will send it to you along with the free Maintenance.

Why do I need maintenance?

Maintenance provides you with the ability to upgrade your software version to the latest one, including all the new features, (it’s like if Microsoft would have sold Win 98 with maintenance, then users would have been able to upgrade to XP for free). Customers with an active Maintenance license can also enjoy our premium tech support from our highly professional team of software developers. In the near feature we intend on releasing new features and new versions of Isolator that will make unit testing even easier than now. Only customers who will have an active maintenance subscription will enjoy these upgrades for free.

So… if you want to join us in our celebration and you want to enjoy our specials, click on the relevant link above or just email us . Don’t forget to also tell your friends and your company, so they too can enjoy these special offers!!!