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Mock Star

Typemock, the leading unit testing company, carefully selects recipients worthy of their Mock Star

Award based on their successful achievements at overcoming challenging unit testing difficulties.

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Meet Our Mock-Stars

Name of Award Recipient: Stephen Price

Job Title: Developer

Employer: Lythix Designs, a software company based in Perth, Western Australia, that conducts software development on a contract basis and develops software for the Microsoft Windows App store.

Here is Stephen’s story:

Challenges Faced
In his efforts to being agile while writing code for services that required compilation and deployment, Stephen faced several pain points:

  • Each change that he made had a complicated trigger process for verification.
  • The process was inefficient and extremely time-consuming.

Identifying a solution & Achieving Success
Stephen managed to successfully speed up the development process by being able to use Test Driven Development. So far, with the use of Typemock, he has already written 200 tests manually!In addition, he has also experienced success using Typemock Suggest, which has enabled him to complete some complicated mocking that was needed.Thanks to Stephen, his company now experiences faster iteration between making a change and testing the code.As a result of implementation Typemock Isolator, he has significantly helped his company achieve quicker developmentTypemock congratulates Stephen Price on the breakthrough success he achieved and wish him many more successes in the future!

The Search for a Solution
In searching an inclusive and effective method to improve his working environment, Stephen tried a local database/service. He was pleased with the results of this strategy, however, the process was still too time-consuming, and therefore inefficient. Stephen, who was first introduced to Typemock many years ago when he implemented it to mock Silverlight assemblies, turned again to Typemock in his search for a solution to this more recent unit testing problem. Through his use of Typemock, Stephen discovered a faster, simpler, and all-around more effective working solution.

“Through the use of Typemock, I discovered a faster, simpler, and all-around more effective working solution.”


Name of Award Recipient: Marc Kruijshaar

Job Title: IT Specialist

Employer: Achmea, leading insurance company based in the Netherlands that provides Health, Life, and Non-life insurance. Achmea serves about half of all Dutch households.
Here is Marc’s story:
Challenges Faced

In his role as an IT Specialist, Marc faced many difficulties succeeding at the following tasks:

  • Implementing Agile sprints
  • Conducting function point analysis
  • Applying test-driven development as a standard for developing.

Identifying a solution Achieving Success
Using Typemock, Marc was successfully able to isolate dependencies such as HttpContext and database connections.
Moreover, by doing so, implementing test-driven development and writing unit tests suddenly became possible.
Typemock congratulates Marc Kruijshaar on the breakthrough success he achieved and wish him many more successes in the future!

The Search for a Solution

Several years Typemock became available to Achmea’s developers. It was introduced in March by the Achmea Infrastructure
Department and Design Authority as a tool for mocking standardly used by the company’s developers for solving mocking problems.

“Now we can control our development process. By measuring- we know where to adjust, help and support our developers”


Name of Award Recipient: Abhishek Ashtekar

Job Title: Firmware Engineer

Employer: Kronegger GmbH, a rapidly growing research company generating and licensing portable cores for 13,56 MHz contactless readers and NFC devices

Here is Abhishek’s story:

Challenges Faced
In his role as a Firmware Engineer, Abhishek faced many of the problems C++ developers face:
Unit testing a complex legacy code in C++, in which almost all of the methods have a large number of dependencies.
Writing Mocks and Stubs for manually for such a large code was next to impossible.

Difficulties mocking static and private functions

Integration of a mocking framework with his working environment (Microsoft Visual Studio C++ Unit Testing Framework).

Succeeding to write 50 unit tests of a complex C++ class
Using Isolator++, Abhishek discovered that mocking statics and private method was the solution to his unit testing woes.

Isolator ++ enabled him to speed up his unit testing so that in a short time he was able to write around 50 unit tests, setting unit testing in motion.

The Search for a Solution
In the process of working through these difficulties, Abhishek began researching various options for unit testing in C++ framework and the mocking frameworks that support them.

In March 2015 Abhishek discovered Typemock Isolator, which was listed as a mocking tool on one of the popular discussion boards. He downloaded the free trial and after a quick evaluation implemented Typemock Isolator++.

“Isolator++ is a simple, easy to understand and integrated tool. As far as our requirements are concerned, Isolator++ hit the Bulls Eye. Typemock Isolator++ has a very good and transparent support system with tickets tracking, which gives a feeling that you and Typemock are working on the same team. The Isolator++ support team is very humble, open and prompt in fixing bugs, implementing requested features and providing extended help. The example suite offered by Isolator++ is very good to make a smooth start”