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July Newsletter: How Does Unit Testing Fit Into the DevOps World?

DevOps, Agile, Waterfall, process, software, Typemock, unit testHow Does Unit Testing Fit Into the DevOps World?

The DevOps World is growing and booming and many are picking up some DevOps practices and using tools. But without unit testing, they’ll only ever achieve a modicum of the true spirit of DevOps. Read here how you can become a DevOps master!

Typemock Interview: Wouter de Kort

Reflections of a coder, coding, devops, unit testing, Typemock Interview

Wouter de Kort, Microsoft Technologist and published author of “DevOps on the Microsoft Stack”, shares with us in what way the book xUnit Test Patterns changed his view, why programmers do not necessarily need a formal education and much more.

Typemock Comic: Programmers and Puzzles

Are puzzles in interviews a good idea or a waste of time? Let’s take a look.

DevHumor, Legacy Code, Machine Learning, Developers, Unit Test

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