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Fake Everything

It’s what a mocking framework should be- powerful. Which mean you can fake more than just public virtual methods.

You can fake static methods, private methods, non-virtual methods, out parameters and even members and fields.

Built for TDD, Built for your Legacy Code

Isolator++ Professional is great for TDD where you need to fake out components, and build from the ground up to test your legacy code.

The best part - no need to change your code, even legacy code.

Sleek API: Concise, Fluent and Discoverable

Isolator++ Professional has well-tuned API. It's so concise you can fake entire object models with a single statement.

It's so fluent you can almost read it like English.
It's so discover-able, all you need to fake is Isolate++ Professional.

Unlike other API’s with Isolator++ Professional you don’t need to redefine template, just use the same definition.

Surprisingly Powerful

All-new features put even more power in your hands.

Use the NEW invoke private constructor to create objects with private constructors. You can now validate and count the times a constructor was called.

You can fake members, end fields and out parameters. You name it.

Write Great Unit Tests

Isolator++ Professional API is crafted in a way that will help you write great tests. One aspect of this is Arrange Act Assert.

This means that the different parts of testing are separated. Using our API will keep you on the right path. Which means that you will never find an assert hidden in the arrange part of the test.

Suits your environment. Fits your code. Integrates with virtually everything

Isolator++ Professional works with C++ on Windows & Linux
Works on Windows 32 and 64 bit with Microsoft VC compilers.
Has been tested with VS 2005, onwards including VS 2013, VS 2015 and VS 2017
Works with GCC 4.8.5 and above and also with Clang 3.3.
Compatible with any major test runner, including CppUnit, GoogleTest, Boost and UnitTest++.

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