Isolator Reviews – All Thumbs are Up

Hey, we know Isolator is the best unit testing solution and mocking framework around, but why take our word for it? Over the past year, programmers have written about their personal experience working with Isolator… And they loved itHere’s what they they had to say: 

… With Typemock it’s unbelievably easy to isolate all of the dependencies that the code I’ve written uses. If I need something mocked that my code instantiates, I can tell Typemock to swap the next instance of that dependency that’s instantiated for a mocked version! So cool! Further, I can tell Typemock to swap ALL future instantiations of that object, and then tell the mocks what to return when their methods are called, how many times to return what … The power is unbelievable.

Nathan C. Tresch, Per Crucem, Vincemus Blog – Unit Testing in C#

… We have a huge number of legacy projects for which we don’t have unit tests written. As most of such projects were not written with layers and abstractions, one will be more than scared to write automated unit tests for them. But these projects shouldn’t be left behind. A mocking framework with capability to mock out tight dependencies will make the work easier. Typemock’s Isolator is a right choice to pick in such scenarios…

Ravi Kiran, My Online Notebook Blog – Isolate your tests from dependencies with Typemock’s Isolator

I’m a novice Isolator user and messed around with the RecordExpectations syntax for a little bit before realizing just how simple Isolator makes things. Once you understand the warnings that Typemock puts out there, things get really easy. Really easy.

Jason, Hello (Cruel) World Blog – Mocking NHibernate with Typemock Isolator is Awesome

I’m a big fan of Typemock Isolator and the model they provide to do unit testing. In fact one of the things I like the most is how easy you can use Isolator, the syntax is really clean and easy to understand. Isolator provides different design modes, which means that you can customize it to only mock virtual methods for instance and you can set the design mode to method level, class level or assembly level.

Michael Hidalgo, Personal Thoughts, Software Development and Application Security – Using Isolator Design Modes to  Mock Web Services Calls

On our current project, we are using Typemock, which is a very powerful, commercial grade, mocking tool. It can mock out almost anything and is used quite extensively in the SharePoint development world.

Vadim’s Dev Blog – Simple Typemock Auto-Mocking Container

With the Isolator from Typemock you get much more than a standard mocking framework, you get a feature rich add-in for Visual Studio.

Thomas Stern, iStern A Siple Code Blog – Read Thomas’s full review here

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