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Isolator displays you your code coverage in your editor while you code. Which means that you can spot uncovered areas whilst the code is fresh in your mind. Typemock will also mark lines that are only partially covered. So that you see a complete picture.

True TDD

Our all-new real time incremental coverage is the first of it’s kind. Incremental Coverage will filter the coverage to the code that you edited. Which means that you can see what impact your latest edits have on your codebase. And if you are really TDD, your incremental coverage will always be 100%. And if you write tests after your code, you will never forget a test

Covered by Solution wide Code Coverage

Typemock measures your testing completeness at a solution level. In this view you can get a taste of your risks. And drill down to the method.

Filter by test

Choose or snap on your test automatically filters the coverage to that test. Which means that it is easier for you to understand and fix your tests

For Regulated Industries

Your industry might require code coverage reports…


Get solution wide insights to your code. What are the riskiest parts of your code? Where the complexity is high and coverage low. Where are the easy wins? Where the methods are longest.

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