Isolator++ (for C++ devs) Now in Open Beta

Isolator++ has grown up and is moving to an open beta!

Isolator++ was in a closed beta for a few weeks now. With the feedback we got, it’s now bettc[1]er, faster, stronger. And it’s now ready for a public beta!

We’re still adding features to the product, but now everyone can take it for a ride. Just a few things Isolator++ can do today:

  • Fake instances of concrete classes
  • Fake instance and static method calls
  • Change behavior of methods, including:
    • Returning values
    • Throwing exceptions
    • Ignoring void methods
    • Running custom code (DoInstead anyone?)
  • Asserting method calls

Think that’s enough? Here’s what coming: Global call support, non-public method support, future objects – and we still have lots of time before we launch.

Think you’re up to the task? Know someone who does? Register and download Isolator++ now!