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With Typemock we don’t have to rewrite product code specifically for testing purposes. This not only saves time, it also allows us to test components of our product code that cannot be readily changed, enabling comprehensive testing and overall high quality.
Travis Illig, Senior Software Engineer, Digital Channels, Fiserv
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Isolator Features > Your tests will be more maintainable > Method call arguments are IGNORED by default


With Isolator, when faking a method's behavior, arguments for that method are ignored by default. This is the opposite of what all other frameworks do, and there's a simple reason for that: It's more common to want to fake a method regardless of the arguments that are sent to it. By not ignoring arguments, you are over-specifying your test, making it more brittle.

With ignored params by default, your test will be less brittle : it will not break even if your production code sends in different parameters to your fake methods.

You always have the option to expect exact arguments though: