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Smart Unit Testing, Made Easy with Typemock

Typemock provides the best mocking framework for over 7 years, we were the first and are the leading framework.
Agile and TDD development require unit testing, which in turn requires mocking (Why do I need mocking?).

Typemock Isolator .NET
The Best Mocking Framework and SmartRunner

Typemock Isolator
Some of the unique Features and Benefits:
  • Get more coverage with the BEST mocking framework, that supports testing legacy code
  • Instant feedback with our Smart Runner. See your progress with the visual coverage indication
  • Integrated with Visual Studio and leading developer and server tools
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Typemock Isolator++
The Best Mocking Framework for C++
Now supporting Windows 32 & 64 Bit

Some of the exclusive Features and Benefits:
  • The only way to test C/C++ legacy code without changing the design
  • Easy to use with fluent and simple API. Mock global, non-public, and statics methods
  • Fake future objects (created inside the tested method) and existing objects. No need to change your code to make it testable
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"I find a new use for TypeMock each time I use it... It's not often a product fills a gap so well. I was impressed. It takes care of a big hole in unit testing"
John Spando, CTO and

Whats new in Typemock Isolator V7