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Has a lack of unit testing contributed to the ObamaCare failure?

** Isolator is our DeLorean DMC-12 to your inner Marty McFly – Give it a (unit)-test drive now **

I’m sure you’ve read by now how the bugged-up healthcare site has caused ridiculously low registration to the new government insurance plan.

Can a lack of unit testing be at the heart of their software bug problem?

Read this excerpt from the Economist:

Health officials are scrambling to make Obamacare work. Ideally, contractors would repair, the federal exchange for shoppers in 36 states.

Kathleen Sebelius, the health secretary, insists that the website will work for the “vast majority” of consumers by November 30th. Perhaps.

But that leaves just two weeks for shoppers to buy coverage if they want to be insured from January. And the deadline may be missed: the site continues to send insurers garbled information.

As contractors smooth some glitches, others appear.”

That back and forth, fixing bugs and creating new ones, is a classic symptom of non-unit testing.

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