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In this issue:
  • Webinar: Discover a New Perspective of Unit Testing
  • Michael Feathers: Don't Test Everything
  • 10 Reasons to Avoid Test Driven Development
  • How to Start with Isolator
Discover a New Perspective of Unit Testing
Discover a new perspective of unit testing with the latest release of Typemock Isolator. Typemock is providing a new way to look at unit testing and you're invited to get a sneak preview.

Typemock Isolator V7 provides:

  • Immediate feedback of newly introduced bugs with a new autorunner.
  • Pinpoint identification of the bug's location with the failed-test analyzer.
  • Visual coverage of which part of your code is covered
  • Powerful mocking, guaranteeing that you can write tests for any code, whether new code or legacy code
  • Industry integration with major development tools
Learn more at our webinar

When: Wednesday, February 22 at 10:00 AM ET, 15:00 GMT (UK)

Everyone who attends the webinar will receive a beta license

Michael Feathers: Don't Test Everything
"Many projects have a very large number of automated tests. And, that's good. It's better than not having them. On the other hand, many teams feel like these tests are a yoke around their necks," said Michael Feathers in a recent Google+ post. "Their build time keeps increasing. They spend more and more time dealing with test management, and at the end of the day, they know that things are getting worse."

Typemock's taken Michael Feather's feedback into designing Isolator V7. As Gil Zilberfeld wrote, "These long running tests can add up for a large inexperienced team. And when they get experienced, they are already stuck with the long running test suite. How do you get immediate feedback? We decided that if tests take longer than 5 seconds, the runner moves on to the next test, and excludes them from further automatic runs. the value of unit tests is immediate feedback. The rest of the tests are nice to have also, but should not impede our flow."

This fits in with Michael Feather's comment: "Ultimately, tests are a feedback mechanism, and we should make active decisions about what feedback we need and when. My current thought is that it is perfectly reasonable for teams to set a build budget, a maximum amount of time that a build should take in order to provide feedback." What do you think? Leave a comment on our blog.

Download Isolator
  10 Reasons to Avoid Test Driven Development and Unit Testing
Typemock is, of course, a big fan of unit testing.
But, maybe there are reasons to avoid unit testing.
When should you avoid TDD?
How to Start with Isolator
Do you speak about unit testing or software development at conferences or user groups?
If you are interested in speaking in yourDownloaded Isolator but not sure how to start?

Want to know what Typemock Isolator can do? Dustin Davis, a member of the Inland Empire .NET User Group, recently won an Isolator license and made a great video and review explaining how to use Isolator.

Read his review and start unit testing!

How are you helping the community learn how to use Isolator or promote unit testing?

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