Easy Unit Testing in C++ for Linux

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Writing unit tests in C++ has always been difficult. This is why Typemock launched Isolator++ for Windows developers almost a year ago. But, what about Linux developers or developers in companies that develop in both Windows and Linux? Until today, they didn’t have a good solution.

In honor of Linux’s 20th birthday, Typemock has released a new unit testing tool for Linux!

Isolator++ for Linux is LIVE!

Isolator++ for Linux enables easy unit testing of C++ on Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu, Fedora and SUSE.

Isolator++ for Linux enables unit testing – the foundation of agile development – of any C/ C++ code (including complex code such as statics, globals and non virtual method) by allowing the test to intercept and fake behaviors. Isolator++ for Linux enables developers to fake any part of the code seamlessly, without the need to redesign for testability as opposed to other unit testing solutions that require many sections of code to be re-written in order to be testable. It replaces the need for manual validation with automatic C++ unit tests.

Try it out now – download Isolator++ for Linux.

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