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Discover A New Perspective on Unit Testing – Isolator V7

Want to learn the secrets of Typemock’s newest solution: Isolator V7.

Isolator V7 puts a whole new perspective on unit testing. It will make unit testing much easier and help you catch more defects and help your company release their software faster.

Check it out!

Typemock Isolator V7 provides:

  • Immediate feedback of newly introduced bugs with a new autorunner.
  • Pinpoint identification of the bug’s location with the failed-test analyzer.
  • Visual coverage of which part of your code is covered
  • Powerful mocking, guaranteeing that you can write tests for any code, whether new code or legacy code
  • Industry integration with major development tools

Join in the webinar and receive a free beta license. Be the first to try it out.

When: Wednesday, February 22 at 10:00 AM ET, 14:00 GMT, 20:30 India

To Sign Up: