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With Typemock we don’t have to rewrite product code specifically for testing purposes. This not only saves time, it also allows us to test components of our product code that cannot be readily changed, enabling comprehensive testing and overall high quality.
Travis Illig, Senior Software Engineer, Digital Channels, Fiserv
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Case Study: DIPS ASA

DIPS ASA Adopts Typemock TM Isolator to Develop Its Applications

The Company


DIPS ASA is a dominant player in the Norwegian healthcare sector with the largest customer base in the ERP field. The company’s products have gained a reputation for high quality and its high growth rate is expected to continue.

DIPS ASA started inside the healthcare sector, and the DIPS-system has been developed through many years of close cooperation with hospitals. More than 20% of the company’s staff consists of physicians, nurses and other professional healthcare workers. DIPS has great expertise in project management, quality control, implementation, and process improvement.

ֲ“We strongly believe that with Typemock we will now be able to reduce the test period before a release from the usual three weeks to only one. This is a major improvement in our code testing procedures.ֲ”

Erling Paulsen, Senior Developer, at DIPS ASA



The Challenge

Having acquired 70% market share in Norway, DIPS is looking into penetrating the international market. The company's EPJ/ERP software system was based on an old application written in Delphi, which they needed to phase out and replace with a brand-new application written in .Net.


DIPS needed a solution for unit testing this new platform.



The Solution


The company’s developers learned about Typemock in Scott Hanselman’s Computer.Zen blog. Before moving to TDD, DIPS had large amounts of written code that was never designed with testability in mind. Typemock enabled developers to write test against untestable code without significant modifications to the code.

The company began practicing TDD only a few months ago, and is beginning to see the benefits with increased code quality. DIPS has two major releases each year, usually with a three-week test period prior to release. The company is expecting the number of bugs in the beta test phase in their next release to be half of the previous one thanks to unit testing.


ֲ“When it comes to Typemock, service is the key word. We are most pleased with the response we received whenever we found a problem in Typemock. The first time, it was fixed within four hours of us reporting it, and on a Saturday! This is most impressive. I donֲ’t think that it is possible to do any better.ֲ”

Erling Paulsen, Senior Developer, at DIPS ASA


Facts and Figures





DIPS’ developers report that they churn out tests at a much faster pace than before because Typemock makes it easy to get rid of the parts of the application that they do not want to test.

Typemock enables DIPS developers to write less complex and maintainable unit tests, which directly reflected on the company’s increase in test coverage.