Development World at 2020

2020 is going to be a new era in the development world. A lot of methods, like agile and DevOps, are going to get implemented in a methodical way. The reason behind it is the growth of developers.

Up until now, there was a shortage in developers but we’re entering a time when young children are already learning programming and teenagers developing apps in their free time. Thanks to that, more companies will want to harness the best methods for a faster and better release.

In the following years, we’ll see a change in specific industries as IoT, automotive, banking as well as in large companies. Here’s why:

As the world progress, we’ll see more development of IoT. The idea of letting machines do simple tasks that can make our lives easier is well accepted, for example, a refrigerator that tells you when you run out of groceries. How did we ever live without it?

Do you know there are a little over seven billion human beings on earth while the expectancy of IoT devices in the year 2021 is twenty billion?

Another example is the automotive industry. It will take development to the next level and with more demanding for specific results, it means there will be an increased need for C++ developers (more than usual) especially developers who are already doing unit testing and have knowledge in it.

As we mentioned in the beginning, more developers will join the market, meaning companies will have to do things the right way. No more living from crisis to crisis. Think about all those times you couldn’t implement agile because of time or manpower. Those days are gone.

Methods as continues integration, continue testing and continuous deployment will take an integral part in development processes. Because of that, we’ll see growth in the use of Kubernetes as it automates manual tasks and helps eliminate them in the deployment process.

Furthermore, large companies with old source code won’t be able to ignore it. The realization it’s time to confront their legacy code and not let it slow them down will hit companies and developers will have to use the right tools with minimal risk for it.

In conclusion, 2020 will bring a spree in IoT technologies. As a result, there will be a higher demand for C++ developers who unit tests.  More companies will start implementing methods such as continues integration, continues testing and continues deployment.

Therefore, more companies will use Kubernetes and other tools that help them with that. Lastly, we predict more companies will have to face their legacy code with the right tools that allow minimal risks.