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In this issue:
  • Webinar: Learn How to Use Typemock Isolator Effectively
  • Martin Fowler: Is Design Dead?
  • 5+1 Posts to Help You Start Unit Testing in 2012
  • Stay Tuned for Great Stuff in 2012
Learn How to Use Typemock Isolator Effectively
You've downloaded Typemock Isolator but you still have a few questions. How can my team use this to catch more errors? How can it save time and improve code quality? Now is the time to ask.

In this webinar we'll show you how to tackle day-to-day problems you'll find, and how to easily solve them with Typemock Isolator. Sign up and learn about:
  • Testing Legacy Code
  • Getting Higher Code Coverage
  • Handling Live Objects
  • Testing Private Functions
  • Verifying calls without state
Start 2012 off with easy and powerful unit testing.

If you ever had a question about how to use Isolator or want to become a power user, this webinar is for you.

When: Wednesday, December 28 at 10:00 AM ET & 15:00 GMT
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Martin Fowler: Is Design Dead?
For many that come briefly into contact with Extreme Programming, it seems that XP calls for the death of software design. Not just is much design activity ridiculed as "Big Up Front Design", but such design techniques are de-emphasized or downright ignored.

What do you think of design? Should you always design for testability?

It's a classic article but always recommended. Read it.

What do you think of design? Do you think you should stop designing
for testability
? Leave a comment here.
  5+1 Posts to Help You Start Unit Testing in 2012
This New Years, make a resolution to start unit testing.
Why unit test?
Here are 10 Reasons to Write Unit Tests
So, how do we get started with unit tests?

Discover The Essential Setup To Begin Unit Testing   Think Unit Testing is an Art. Get a Free Chapter of The Art of Unit Testing Still need to convince your boss that unit testing is a great business choice?
Ready to configure Visual Studio? Here are some Visual Studio Settings for the TDD Ninja.   Discover The Cost of Test Driven Development (hint: it's a lot cheaper to find the bugs before QA and product release than after!)
Now we're ready to get started! Check out Starting Test Driven Development using Typemock Isolator   As a holiday present here are some additional resources that go beyond unit testing:
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