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"I have been using Typemock Isolator for quite some time and I would like to thank the Typemock team for such a great product which I believe is the only product that makes Unit Testing really possible"
Rahul Das, Technical Lead, Bank Societe Generale
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 Need help convincing your manager?

Here are some useful tips:


    Identify the most bug-ridden code, where unit testing can help. Write a few example tests with Isolator to show how easy and quick it is.

  • SHARE.

    Offer to take your new knowledge of unit testing back to your team, and others. Hold a training session for your co-workers. Identify specific locations in your code that testing can help, and offer a pilot to write tests for them.


    Tell your manager you’re going to learn how to do more with less- Better quality,better productivity and add to that first class support.


    Share with your manager that you plan on using the leading unit testing tool in companies worldwide. With great support and productivity boosters, you’re helping the organization jump ahead of their competitors.

If you need more information, check out our 
case studies, and see how other companies succeed
at unit testing with Typemock.

The Goal

How Isolator helps you meet that goal

Better quality products

Isolator is the easiest tool for unit testing. Great tools get results done, and Isolator is suited for flushing the bugs out.

Better productivity

With Isolator's intelligent completion, you'll spend less time writing tests, and more time on features.

Easy implementation

Isolator lowers the barrier of entrance to unit testing, helping whole teams succeed.

Competitive advantage

Unit testing lowers development costs and reduces time to market. Isolator is the easiest tool for implementing unit testing.