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Chris Keyser on unit testing as a best practice 

Accroding to Chris: “You need to test!”

This interview is with Chris Keyser, a Program Manager at Microsoft’s Patterns and Practices group.
It was taken at the SharePoint 2009 Conference.

Chris showed how to develop unit tests in SharePoint, using Typemock Isolator at the conference, as part of the “Best Practices in SharePoint” presentation. Chris also talks about other best practices that help developers raise their code quality.

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Interview Transcription

Gil: So who are you?

Chris: My name is Chris Keyser. I’m a program manager with “Patterns and Practices”.

Gil: That’s great. You gave a presentation yesterday, what was it about?

Chris: I did. I actually was co-presenting and it was on best practices for SharePoint development.

Gil: Ok. First of all, how do you like the conference until now?

Chris: The conference is great, lot of energy, lot of people here, lot of really interesting new stuff to look at SharePoint 2010 so, lot of fun to be here…

Gil: So you’ve been working in P&P for how long?

Chris: A little over a year now and we’ve been working on developing SharePoint guidance so I kind of came over when we started on the SharePoint guidance.

Gil: That’s cool. Let’s go over the best practices, other than the Typemock stuff which I won’t get into now, other best practices that you talked about in the presentation?

Chris: I talked about integration and unit testing in the presentation yesterday, we went through... first off I refactored code so it’s testable and then we went in and talked about how to develop an integration test, again in SharePoint and also how to develop a unit test, using Typemock.

Gil: Great. Now, one word of advice for quality code. What will be the first thing you’ll tell to a programmer, a developer, the one thing that will give him the most benefit?

Chris: (Chuckles) Well I think in general from a process prospective is you need to test. I think any good testing practice you really need to go ahead and have some level automation with that testing practice so that you can get regular checks, it’s not so expensive to actually do it, and you get validation and regression very easily. So a combination of integration testing, unit testing, putting in processes like continuance integration and build verification testing are really important to make sure you maintain a consistent quality level within in your code.

Gil: That’s great. Want to give a shoutout to someone?

Chris: (Smiles) A shoutout to someone?

Gil: Yeah…

Chris: I guess I can give a shoutout to my family, my son and daughter, Chris and Rachel. How about that?

Gil: That’s great. Thank you very much.

Chris: Thanks.