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 C++ The Language Of The Future

Me and C 

Heavy language, lots of annoying fluff and stuff, fast, reliable, underpins a lot of modern-time programming, Dead end language. these are the things I heard when I asked developers to describe C++. 

In the US C++ Developers, the Average Salary is  $106,028 and the average age is 39.5. 82% of them are male and 18% female. However, rumor says that the talent pool for C is drying up. There are ruffly 1.8 million talented coders in the practice of the language. 

What tools C

C++ is a powerful language. You see it everywhere, there are plenty of jobs. When you are working with languages such as Python, Java, C#, etc’ there are a lot of things you have to take care of in C/C++ like; memory allocation and management which you don’t need to worry about programming in other languages.  

The bright side is that you have fine control over computer resources. 

Code Example 

C U Later

Managing that can be a pain in the *** as the project becomes more and more complex. You might not need to do these kinds of things in other languages, but they would not run your code as fast as our beloved C.

In the old days, people had to write the code directly to work on the hardware. It’s possible, but very specialized. Then they figured out they could build a language that fit humans. Simula was the first language to introduce the class. A class can represent anything, and this became known as an object (oriented programming or data abstraction). 

Let’s C who initiated this madness 

Bjarne Stroustrup invented C++ about 3 decades ago. He had the idea to mix these two together so you could do high-level abstraction but efficiently enough and close to the hardware. It’s now used for operating things like telescopes, cameras, finance industries, the gaming industries, graphics, animation (Hollywood uses it almost all the time), wind turbulence, cars, smart watches, smartphones, and self-driving cars.

Well, self-driving cars use C++ there’s nothing more I can say. Whether you like it or not C++ is the language of the future, so you might as well get used to it. 

C++ Unit Testing

We think the future holds plenty of unit testing. Like the automatic spelling checker or chat, GBT automation is inevitable, especially for developers. Unit testing with C helps us to find bugs early, create build-in documentation, and improve our design. We invite you to start UNIT TESTING FOR FREE and see for yourself what the future holds. C++ Unit testing has never been easier.