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"I find a new use for Typemock each time I use it... It's not often a product fills a gap so well… I was impressed. It takes care of a big hole in unit testing"
John Spano, CTO and Co-Founder, NeoTekSystems
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 Easy implementation
 Test anything
 Simple API
C# unit Testing Tool
Make writing unit tests easy
Latest release: 6.0.4
A powerful and critical unit testing tool, Isolator provides the right balance between ease of use, a fast learning curve and powerful features. Isolator supports all flavors of .Net technologies, including WCF, WPF, SharePoint, Asp.Net and Silverlight.
"My testing tool of choice. Each time I use it, I rediscover its power, and I'm amazed. Great tool!"
- Jason Divis, @CodingOfficer
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  Top Features  
Intelligent context-sensitive code completion
Intellitest auto-completes and generates code when you write your tests. It allows generating fake objects when you call constructors or methods, and will even automatically add missing Isolator references, using statements and [Isolated] attributes to your test.
Static, sealed and non-public
Isolator has full support for changing the behavior of methods that are not publicly callable (private, protected, internal) or seemingly untestable
Recursive fakes
Creating a fake object automatically returns fake objects on its method. These object also return fake objects from their methods and properties. Recursive fakes fake entire object models in one line.
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  Isolator Q&A: Customers ask, our experts answer  
Q What other development tools does Isolator work with?   Q How can I unit test my SharePoint application?
A Isolator works with all test runners (NUnit, MSTest, TestDriven.Net etc.) and continuous integration servers (MSBuild, TFS, NAnt). Isolator also works with several coverage tools (NCover, PartCover) and profiling tools (DevPartner, AQTime, dotTrace and TestMatrix).   A Until now, SharePoint has largely been considered un-testable. However, with Isolator, you don’t need a complete SharePoint server to conduct unit tests. Simply tell Isolator what needs to be returned, and Isolator makes it happen.
Q How does Isolator help make tests more robust?   Q What productivity features does Isolator have?
A Isolator’s clear API makes test code readable and easy to write. With less code to write, changes to the production code mostly do not require rewriting of tests.   A Isolator includes Intellitest, an intelligent code completion for test statements, saving you time as you write your tests. With Recursive Fakes, Isolator fakes entire object trees, with a single line.
Q What else can Isolator help with besides unit testing?   Q How can Isolator help in adoption of unit testing?
A Isolator can speed up development by faking slow system components. For example, to see changes you made to a WebPart, you can fake the SharePoint environment, and see the result on an ASP page.   A With Isolator you write less test code, and you write it quickly with intelligent code completion. Developers face fewer obstacles, and the implementation of unit testing goes smoothly.
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