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Typemock Summer Sale

There are many things that make a summer: sea, sun, cocktails. Everything you see in that logo up there. But this summer, we give you something way cooler (pun intended). The Typemock Summer Sale 2010 ...

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ReSharper 4.5 Beta

One of the reasons I heard not to use JetBrains ReSharper is its performance overhead. As a developer there is nothing more frustrating then having Visual Studio freeze and chock during coding. JetBrains decided to ...

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TeamCity with Typemock – revisited

A while ago we wrote about how to get TeamCity to run your Typemock Isolator tests. Now Stephen Wright shares his own was of making Nant, TeamCity and Typemock work together, with all the ugly ...

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Ivonna lets you write ASP.NET Unit Tests

Looking for a way to write unit and integration style tests against ASP.NET Pages and WebForms? Ivonna is a new project that aims to give an alternative to things you’d usually do in stuff like ...

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MbUnit “Gallio” announces built in support for Typemock Isolator

Jeff Brown Just posted about the current alpha version of MbUnit (Gallio codename) with cool new features. I urge you to take a look at it here. Cool thing about it: Built in integration for ...

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Ad hoc Unit Tests with Snippet Compiler (Typemock Isolator Enabled)

If you’re a fan of snippet compiler (if you’re not you should seriously check it out) Travis Illig published a little template for writing Typemock Isolator test inside this handy little tool. The reasons you’d ...

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