Powerful Mocking for C/C++ in Linux

Yesterday, Typemock hosted a webinar introducing Isolator++ for Linux, a unit testing framework with powerful mocking. The webinar is now online. Watch it to learn more about unit testing your C/C++ code in Linux. Like ...

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5 Great Linux Software Development Tools

** Isolator V7.4.3 is our DeLorean DMC-12 to your inner Marty McFly – Give it a (unit)-test drive now ** I want to know what are your top 5 Linux software development tools. Here are some of ...

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What are the best C++ development tools in Linux?

In honor of the release of Isolator++ for Linux, to enable easy unit testing in Linux (you haven’t tried it out yet? Download it now!), OMG Ubuntu! answered our question “What are the best tools ...

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Easy Unit Testing in C++ for Linux

Writing unit tests in C++ has always been difficult. This is why Typemock launched Isolator++ for Windows developers almost a year ago. But, what about Linux developers or developers in companies that develop in both ...

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