Typemock vs. a GPS

Typemock Isolator V7 is like a GPS. It finds the bugs for you. But what did we do before GPS’s existed and what did we do before Isolator V7?   Download Isolator V7 beta now.

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The Opposite of Mocking

Let me tell you a secret. I don’t like the word “mocking”. Why? Because “mocking” refers to the tools we use, rather than what we want to achieve, which is isolation. However, I’ve decided to ...

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The Most Controversial Feature in Isolator V7

Michael Feathers posted about “Taking Automated Tests Off The Pedestal”. The post generated quite a discussion, which really revolved around the time it takes to run tests in established teams. Michael talks about how the ...

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The Essential Setup To Begin Unit Testing

A new year is upon us, and I bet your new year’s resolution is to start unit testing. What instruments do you need in your belt? A testing framework (gasp!). I know, shocking, but you ...

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“Why Too Much Mocking is Bad” and Other Questions

Last webinar, “10 secret unit testing tips” was a blast. There were many questions, some I’ve answered. But then I’ve looked at the clock, and discovered I neglected to answer a few. And since I’m ...

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