Patent Wars?–Typemock Comic Series #2

Apple better watch out. They have a competitor to iOS on their hands. Does this sound like your boss? This is the second comic in a new Typemock comic series. We’ll only make more if ...

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Good Design with Typemock

When starting Typemock, my stand was that testing and design are separate. That you don’t have to change your design in order to be testable, and that your design should be based on the business ...

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How To Organize Your Tests

Code Testing Tools Impact Your Effectiveness How to Be More Effective with Code Testing It starts out pretty simple. You want to start writing tests, so you create a library. Before you know it, you’ve ...

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10 Reasons to Write Unit Tests

Why should you write unit testing I came across this great list of 10 reasons to write unit tests. It’s an old post, but still very good points. Here are one person’s thoughts: Don’t let your ...

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The Unit of Testing is the Unit of Maintainability

This article originally appeared on Phil Calcado’s blog and is reprinted with permission. Follow Phil on Twitter @pcalcado. What do you think? Leave your comments. Every time I talk to a client which has been ...

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Unit Tests vs. Integration Tests

Ayende has written a short and to the point post about Unit tests vs. Integration tests. An even shorter summery of the post is: Unit tests runs faster but integration tests are easier to write. ...

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