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Managers don’t think like developers

Managers don’t think like developers 

Even if your manager was once a decent developer, he has probably already moved to the dark side. Instead of variables and algorithms, he is all about deadlines and profits. Professionalism and Technique are replaced with the need to prove productivity.

Software fails in lots of different ways. It can be of very low quality, or not work at all. If you’ve been around software development long enough, you are probably familiar with these kinds of stories.

Blame game

I’ve seen quite a lot of software development teams being pushed by blurry and highly misguided management. For example: Pushing out features fast with bad coding, without unit tests, terrible design and unmaintainable code. So who’s to blame? You to blame? me to blame?

Probably none of the above. Managers want to bring the business, support the family, and be the man. That’s their job. Make sure these spreadsheets are nice and profitable. While we developers want to make sure we develop excellent products, sustainable codes and help the world become a better place. Not necessarily a faster place. 

Happy end 

Unit testing can be intimidating at first. Testing is focusing our minds on problems we would otherwise miss. It’s a bit like thinking before you speak, which, as you know, can be very useful. Writing a test before forces us to think in a more abstract way. 

Software development is a more creative process than people might think and often the people making the business choices are far away from the code, which often leads to technical debt, losing money, and heartache. 

So how to convince your manager? Well it’s hard to bring light to the dark side, start by telling him ‘’slow is the new fast’’ DeathStar was not built in a day, we work slow and get results fast.