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Is there a way to mock methods that has return type 'Object?

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Hi Again,

I am trying to mock a method that has its return type as Object. I get this exception:

*** Mocked return value of "classSomething.MethodSomething" is unknown, use recorder.Return().
*** Note: Cannot mock types from mscorlib assembly.

Is there a way around this (other than wrapping the method)?

asked May 23, 2007 by phazer (850 points)

2 Answers

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The problem is not the return type.
The reason for the exception is that you should tell
TypeMock what to return.

public class classSomething 
   public object MethodSomething()
      throw new NotImplementedException();

public class TestClass
   public void Test()
      using (RecordExpectations recorder = RecorderManager.StartRecording())
         classSomething mock = new classSomething();
         recorder.Return(new object());

      classSomething c = new classSomething();      
      //Assert code ..

The above example will pass the test.
If you will comment out the line:
recorder.Return(new object());

You'll get the same exception as in your example.
Hope it clears things up. 8)
answered May 24, 2007 by ohad (37,080 points)
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Got it! Thanks!
answered May 24, 2007 by phazer (850 points)