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Ai assisting code

The End And The Beginning 

According to a team of researchers at the US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, there’s a high chance that by 2040 we won’t need developers anymore. Scary as it might seem, there are many things to learn from the unknown future. If AI is going to replace us all and even the ones that are creating the AI, what can we take from it, and how it influences our present work? 

In a perfect world, there are little robots who do all the boring bits for us and we are like orchestra conductors just pointing our fingers and leading the show. We become the architects and the visionaries. We can do much more with our time. Sounds lovely? well, that can be your mindset right now.

 I was always the last to move to an electronic calendar, open a Twitter account or buy a new iPhone. I’m not against progress, but I was just scared of what it might take from my humanity. With time I figured I can’t resist and Unless I want to move and live off-grid in a distant cabin with a bunch of hippies, I might as well be friends with it. If you can’t beat them, join them.

How AI Us Can Help Us Right Now

Complete code Tools 

AI code completion tools cut down on such repetitive coding by suggesting the next code elements that you might type. While doing so, it considers your context and millions of programming codes in different languages, so it can offer you accurate predictions. That will make you write faster because there will be fewer keystrokes.

If you are curious, here are Best AI-Powered Code Completion tools 

Testing Tools 

AI can help automate and reduce the number of tedious tasks in development and testing. AI in software testing is helping to make testing more accurate, effective, and deliver high-quality code. gitHub copilot, minify, and otter ai. If you are curious, check out: 

20 Most Popular Unit Testing Tools In 2022

I’m sure that one day, not so far from now, we’ll be able to go to the beach during work hours. I’m also sure that we’ll find something else to complain about. Regardless, I’m looking forward to seeing the evolution of developers. With more and more developers using automated tests and becoming artists and architects, the world might look like something we can’t even imagine.