Case Study: Mavituna Security 

Mavituna Security Finds Typemock Isolator the Only Solution

to Meet Its Testing & Mocking Requirements

The Company

UK-based Mavituna Security Ltd ( focuses on developing a single product called Netsparker, which is the only False-positive-free web application security scanner on the market.
Netsparker has an intuitive user interface and a quick-start scanning procedure that will have you testing your web app in seconds.
Netsparker boasts an arsenal of automated security testing weapons that get straight to the point, providing testers with the precise information they need to do their job quickly and effectively.


Like any established product in the market, Netsparker also has some technical debt which makes unit testing harder or impossible.”

Hüseyin Tüfekçilerli, Technical Lead, Mavituna Security Ltd

The Challenge

More than 1600 integration tests in place, Netsparker is being strictly tested for all the security checks to make sure it finds vulnerabilities.
Having this kind of coverage at a unit test level was a challenge since a really big part of the code wasn’t written with unit testing in mind, let alone test first development methodology. Mavituna Security Ltd could have to either rewrite those parts to be unit testable or find a mocking framework that would help isolating the system under test. 


The Solution

After experimenting with the mocking frameworks available in .NET ecosystem, Mavituna Security Ltd found out that the only tool that meets the requirements is Typemock Isolator. One of the biggest requirements was to be able to fake (mock) static methods and concrete classes. Typemock Isolator has a powerful API that helps you isolate the system under test with a few lines of code and helps you concentrate on what you are actually testing. 



Typemock Isolator helped us tremendously while unit testing those parts of our product.”



Facts and Figures


Increasing the unit test code coverage, Netsparker developers can easily make changes to codebase and knowing that any regression will immediately be caught after running unit tests. This makes adding new features and fixing bugs a breeze since it shortens the feedback loop greatly.


Hüseyin Tüfekçilerli, Technical Lead, Mavituna Security Ltd