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5 Great Linux Software Development Tools

** Isolator V7.4.3 is our DeLorean DMC-12 to your inner Marty McFly – Give it a (unit)-test drive now **

I want to know what are your top 5 Linux software development tools. Here are some of ours. Leave your suggestions in the comments.

5. Eclipse

One of the most popular Integrated Development Environments (IDE) for both Windows and Linux, Eclipse is written mostly in Java but it also has extensive support for other languages, such as C, C++, PHP, and Ruby.

Eclipse is important in Linux because Red Hat provides an RPM-building plug-in to Eclipse. On Tuesday, we’re going to demonstrate C++ development in Eclipse.

4. MonoDevelop

MonoDevelop is an open source IDE, primarily targeted for developers that use both the Mono and Microsoft .NET frameworks. Similar to Microsoft Visual Studio, MonoDevelop supports C#, Java, VisualBasic.NET, C, C++, and other languages.  MonoDevelop is unquestionably the best Linux IDE for the .NET Framework.

MonoDevelop can also be useful for porting Windows programs developed in .NET into Linux.

3. GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection

GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection, is a compiler system supporting various programming languages. Started by Richard Stallman, GCC is often used to develop software that is required to execute on a variety of software and operating systems.

2. Test Frameworks: Boost, cppUnit, Google Test, etc.

Not just for Linux, we are strong believers in unit testing frameworks. Using one of the xUnit frameworks is a great start – but it’s just a start.

It’s a common misconception that if you use a testing framework than you don’t also need a mocking or isolation framework. That’s just not true and both Typemock Isolator and Isolator++ work with the xUnit frameworks.

1. Typemock Isolator++ for Linux

Yes, it’s a bit boastful but we’re mighty proud of our foray into Linux unit testing with Isolator++ for Linux. Following the success of our Windows mocking and isolation open_suseframework for C and C++, we’re thrilled to be helping Linux developers ensure code integrity and fight legacy code with a single multi-platform solution. Even if Linus Torvalds says that C++ sucks, we respectfully disagree. As one of the most popular programming languages, used for embedded development, so many mission-critical applications are developed in C++. Yet, because they have been developed over time, by multiple teams, and have such significant life-and-death applications, it’s both incredibly difficulty to test them (especially in isolation) and yet so critical. Haven’t tried it out yet? Download it now for a free trial.

Don’t worry Linus, though. Isolator++ also works on C.