10 Top Resources for SharePoint Developers

Microsoft SharePoint is “Facebook for the enterprise,” according to Microsoft COO Kevin Turner. According to a new ESG study, two out of three enterprises use SharePoint as a business critical application.

Clearly, SharePoint is mission critical for many. So, besides Typemock, where do you go for resources on SharePoint development?

Here are some of our recommendations plus a bonus Typemock resources.

10. – SharePoint Comic – The SharePoint comic not only offers the inside scoop on SharePoint, but also provides it in a fun and informative way.

SharePoint in the Cloud

9. SharePoint PodShow – Rob, Nick, and Brett have a monthly podcast, where they cover issues in SharePoint, from building Web Parts to how United Airlines uses SharePoint, and many other stories.

8. SharePoint Notes by Paul Beck. Paul’s blog provides notes and links to resources on a variety of SharePoint topics, from TFS2010, CBA for Development, and more.

7. 21apps – 21apps is a UK consultancy run by Andrew Woodward, a SharePoint MVP, who is a fan of Agile/Lean techniques (yes, including unit testing). Their blog covers lots of SharePoint issues faced by “real businesses.”

6.  StackOverflow – Sometimes the best answers come from asking and answering. This is one of the reasons for StackOverflow’s overwhelming success: not just great answers but also great questions. It’s, of course, also a great place to ask questions about SharePoint.

5. SharePoint Baker – We’ve previously written about Adam Burcher, who loves both cooking and SharePoint, but we first discovered him through his great blog providing SharePoint tips and tricks called The SharePoint Baker.

4. But it works on my PC – Richard Fennell (Engineering Director at Black Marble) writes a blog about Windows, SharePoint, and more. Richard offers a lot of troubleshooting tips and hints. He’s also got a lot of great resources on unit testing in SharePoint with Typemock.

3. SharePoint Development Team Blog – Yes, it’s official from Redmond, but focusing exclusively and specific on development, the blog of the SharePoint Dev Team provides

2. @SharePoint – Yes, SharePoint’s official Twitter account is a wealth of useful information of what’s going on in the SharePoint community and is a great way to connect you with the SharePoint Product Group in Redmond. They’ve also got a great blog, by the way and even a monkey.

1. SharePoint Saturday – SharePoint Saturday events are worldwide conferences dedicated to SharePoint. From Vietnam to Richmond, Virginia, Hawaii, and Australia, wherever you are there’s probably a SharePoint Saturday event (and if there isn’t, you can start one).

YouTube video

Bonus: Richard Fennell will be hosting a webinar on speeding up SharePoint Web Parts development on Wednesday at 3:00 PM UK time (10:00 AM on the East Coast, 5:00 PM in Israel, and midnight in Melbourne. Sign up here.

Of course, I’ve left some out. What are your favorite resources for SharePoint development?