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"I have been using Typemock Isolator for quite some time and I would like to thank the Typemock team for such a great product which I believe is the only product that makes Unit Testing really possible"
Rahul Das, Technical Lead, Bank Societe Generale
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Racer (Free Beta) makes unit testing parallel applications easy

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I am a parallel-processing application developer

We can help you find deadlocks in your code easily!

Locating and fixing deadlocks is hard. Deadlocks are hard to reproduce, and harder to debug. But there's an easy way. Typemock Racer finds deadlocks for you, cutting down the reproduction and debugging time. It even lets you debug the specific scenario where the deadlock was found, so you can quickly fix it and get on with your job.


Easy to learn

Simple, small set of APIs to find ellusive deadlocks. Then with a single API, Racer lets you debug the offending scenario.

Powerful deadlock detection engine

Racer systematically maps all the paths in your code find deadlocks. The powerful engine runs all scenario until it finds a deadlock, or ensures thread safety.

Become super productive

Cut down reproduction and debugging time with focused tests. Use Racer with Isolator to find the deadlocks even faster.

Great support

Lively forums, dedicated support staff, great documentation.

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