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"Typemock has helped us get some difficult to test code under test, as well as speed up the writing of some business rules/classes. The new version is quite impressive with the suggested tests. Any tool that helps you write more (and better!) tests has got to help make better quality code." 
Stephen Price Lead Developer at Unlisted Marketplace
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Unit Testing SharePoint Webinar And Presentation

Unit Testing SharePoint applications without a SharePoint server, can only be done with Typemock Isolator.

The Microsoft Patterns and Practices team have recommended using Isolator for Unit Testing a Microsoft SharePoint application.

“Typemock Isolator is a great way to open up the world of unit testing 
to SharePoint developers. Unit testing SharePoint applications is an 
important part of our soon to be released P&P SharePoint Guidance 
and Typemock Isolator is integral to our unit testing guidance.”

Ajoy Krishnamoorthy, Lead Product Planner for Patterns & Practices,
Developer Division at Microsoft

Isolator for SharePoint includes all the features and capabilities of Typemock Isolator, but is specifically designed to unit test SharePoint applications and can only fake SharePoint objects.


SharePoint Webinar:

Watch the Webinar with step by step instructions and examples on how to unit test SharePoint applications






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