Triumph Over Legacy Code with Unit Testing

Free Webinar, recorded March 19, 2014

Mr. Eli Lopian, Typemock founder, shows how to triumph over legacy code with automated unit testing. You will also learn how to introduce changes into legacy code with confidence, improve code design and write better code – faster!

Learn how to test legacy code now.
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Learn how to test legacy code with ease & simplicity: no risky refactoring, no new bugs, better code quality.

Most developers believe unit testing is only applicable to greenfield projects or fairytales startups, but not as something that can be done in real-life situations, where a lot of legacy code need to be maintained.

Reasons for not unit testing range from "setup is so big that the test is more complex than the code", to: "it's slow and takes ages to run", and: "it keeps on failing even though there is no bug", and to top it off: "it requires loads of maintenance".

In this webinar, Mr. Lopian proves this is not true! Legacy code can be easily tested.

  • "[The webinar] was very good. Can't really think of anything you should try to improve." – Doug B, Sr. Lead

  • "I just wish there was something similar for Java which would make my life much easier right now." – Aiden O, Software Engineer

Get rid of legacy code forever! Watch it now.


The #1 Pain of Developers is Working on Someone Else's Legacy Code

In a developer survey we conducted, they admitted to these challenges when dealing with legacy code:

  • Working on the code base feels like walking through a minefield
  • Creating new bugs with every change introduced into the legacy code
  • Finding it impossible to test legacy code without risky refactoring efforts
  • Wishing they had unit tests on the code, so it'll be easier to understand

Did you know there is a solution? It's been around for years: Unit Testing. So why is it not standard programming practice? Because it's considered difficult? Many developers view it as something that is relevant only for new code, and not legacy code.

This is simply not true!

You can apply unit testing to ANY code - even the most complex legacy code - with ease and elegance, but without risky refactoring or new bugs.

It is possible.

Learn How to Effectively Test Legacy Code!

Invest 60 minutes of your time – and you will save days of fighting legacy code

Learn how to avoid the pains and earn the gains of unit testing legacy code.

Mr. Eli Lopian, the visionary behind Typemock Isolator, shows an exciting approach to unit testing any code (and we do mean ANY code), while maintaining high quality & agility, and creating wicked applications.

Did you know that Mr. Eli Lopian has been studying unit testing for years and considered one of the leading experts in the world on this topic? In this session, he shares his extensive knowledge of unit testing and mocking, and reveals simple techniques to test even the most complex legacy code.

Escape the death spiral of testing legacy code! Learn how to:

  • Write effective unit tests
  • Eliminate risky refactoring
  • Shorten debugging process
  • Introduce new changes to old legacy code – safely (LIVE DEMO)

Mr. Lopian took questions during the session. Can you guess what your colleagues wanted to know?
Watch it to find out.

Enhance Your Legacy – Without the Legacy Code