Isolator 8

Your Complete Unit Testing Solution for .NET

Isolator for .NET
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Typemock Suggest
The Next Unit Test Generation
Unlimited power to limit your bugs
Come out of the stone age and run your tests incrementally
Instant Code Coverage

Why Isolator

No need to change your legacy code to start testing
The most powerful tool to help you become agile
Complete Solution from mocking to coverage to test suggestion
Great Support
Cheapest Total Cost of Ownership


Following are some examples of using the Typemock Isolator for .NET

Example code with Typemock Isolator
You will need to setup a unit test project first. You will also find runnable examples under the installation directory of Typemock.

Lets see some code examples:


Isolator works with any .NET technology
Select technology to unit test
Typemock Isolator works on your client and on your build server.

Typemock integrates with all leading build servers:

  • Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS)
  • MSBuild
  • Nant
  • Final Builder

Typemock also integrates with code coverage and profiling tools:

  • CoverageEye
  • NCover
  • PartCover
  • DevPartner
  • Clover.NET
  • ExactMagic TestMatrix
  • MSTest Code Coverage (Visual Studio and Team System)
  • dotTrace
  • ReSharper
  • AQtime


Learn about unit testing
See successful implementation of Typemock Isolator
Discover training about how to test your code, adapt Agile, development, and improve your professional skills
Walk through and learn how to use Typemock Isolator