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Jack Q W Cantwell, Chief Feature Architect, Avanade Hybrid Cloud
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TeamMate makes ROI calculation of unit testing implementation easy

TeamMate is now part of Isolator .NET

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I am a team leader

We can help you implement unit testing across your organization easily!

Unit testing implementation is difficult. Get the team on board with Isolator – help the novice developer get up to speed quickly and the experienced developers become super productive.

Now, with Typemock TeamMate, you can measure the ROI of unit testing and the implementation speed in your organization. Typemock TeamMate collects statistics on your progress, making it easy for you to report on your successful implementation.


Easy to learn

TeamMate automatically collects productivity statistics and stores it in a server on your network.

Manager Dashboard


The team leader can see at any time the status of the unit testing implementation, filtered by project or developer.

Real-time productivity metrics

Show how many bugs were caught and how much time gets spent writing production code, testing or manually debugging. Then export the results to Excel to report on the implementation progress.

Calculating unit testing ROI

With the collected statistics, it's easy to calculate and report the ROI of unit testing of your team

Great support

Lively forums, dedicated support staff, great documentation.