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"This is one of the best soup-to-nuts books on TDD that I've seen" - Uncle Bob

"The Art of Unit Testing provides a thorough, incremental introduction to writing tests as part of the programming process. Programmers looking to write their first test will find easy-to-follow instructions, while those who have benn testing for a while will find ideas for refining their techniques" - Kent Beck

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Unit testing, done right, can mean the difference between a failed project and a successful one, between a maintainable code base and a code base that no one dares touch...

The Art of Unit Testing guides you step by step from simple tests to tests that are maintainable, readable, and trustworthy. It covers advanced subjects like mocks, stubs, and frameworks such as Typemock Isolator and Rhino Mocks. You'll learn about advanced test patterns and organization, working with legacy code and even untestable code.